About Us


In 2013, Akber Lassi, the owner and founder, decided to open a car wash in Marietta, Georgia, which became the foundation for Home Run Derby Car Wash. Currently, we have 2 locations, one in Marietta and the second one in Tucker; there are 5 more locations which are under construction, and these locations will be ready to serve our customers in the early 2023.

The idea of opening a car wash came in Akber’s mind because he himself, in his early days, used to work at a car wash; and that is the major reason why he knows and is aware of all the tiniest little details about how the car washes are operated, which equipments are best suited for an ideal car wash to give the customers a fun-loving experience by making their cars look like brand new again. In addition, this working experience also helped him in understanding how the market works and how the overall industry operates.

As a starting point, we built a simple self-service wand washer with eight bays. Later on, as the business started to grow, we added a newly-designed, specialty mud bay, which made service a lot faster, resulting in both time efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Before even starting the business, in order to attract a huge potential of customer footprints, we took care of the appearance of the business, making sure everything was hygienic, attractive, and well-landscaped so that any community would be proud to host us.

As a result of our combined efforts, HRD Car Wash customers enjoy a lightning-fast wash that left their cars looking like new.


When you wash your car with us, you have many great reasons to do so

  • We know how much your car washes are worth
  • We treat our customers’ cars as our own
  • We offer one-of-a-kind services that you will find nowhere else
  • We have a highly experienced group of people who know how to make your car shine
  • We provide excellent and focused car detailing
  • Our core objective is to improve customer satisfaction by going above and beyond